Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Every time I hear those words, I can’t help but to sing to myself… My name is Hov… H to the O V… Excuse the moment of ratchetness! But I use to get down to that joint!
I’m Finess… Yes, I did say Finess… Yes that is my God-given, government name. Nice to meet you, and thank you for checking out my blog! I figured I would use this first blog to share with you all my vision, my why, but first let me tell you a little about myself.

At the moment I am a 28 year old, African American woman, college grad, Atl born and raised, gorgeous smile and plus sized juicy PYT! Lol.. I know y’all know about them PYT… Michael tried to tell y’all! I am very opinionated, but have a good heart and an even better God. I have lived quite an interesting life these past 28 years and I am hoping to help other PYTs along their journey navigating through life!

My vision for this blog is not only to share what I have learned, but to help empower other women through conversations and my beloved soapbox rants. I will be posting 3times a week: Talk to me Tuesday (where I answer readers questions with honest, straight to the point advice), Feed My Face Friday (where I help some of my kitchen challenged ladies with a new recipe, hopefully inspiring some chefs out there), and Soulful Sunday (here I pull out my soapbox and talk about what’s on my mind-the good, bad, and the ugly).

I hope you will join me… I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Btw… For all the questions for next week’s Talk to me Tuesday, please send me your questions in the Contact page, and I will pick a few to answer! I am game for whatever you throw my way! 😉

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