Soulful Sunday… Our Why

For our first Soulful Sunday, I want to talk about Vision… No, I’m not going to try to sell you on some glasses or contacts… I am talking about your vision, your why, your dreams!

Not too long ago a friend of mine left everything here in Atlanta, I mean everything, and moved back home to a little country town in Florida. Now why in the hell would you leave a big city, where opportunities are constantly dropping into your lap, to live in a small country town, where everyone is just getting by and there is dirt and bugs! I just could not figure it out! But then he said something to me that I will never forget… You know that bit of wisdom when God uses someone else to slap you in the face and you are just floored, mouth open, eyes wide floored… He said my vision may not be yours, and you do not have to understand it, but I have a dream and I am going to chase it. I am talking one step backwards to get a better running start to catch my dream.

Well y’all, I’d be damned! I had never met anyone before who truly set out to be the person that dreamed of being. Like folks talk about it all the time, but no ever really does it. At the time, I was working a 9-5, I liked my job, at one point I even loved it, but now I have out grown it. Everyday looked exactly like the last, I said the same things, saw the same people, wore the same things, SAME! SAME! SAME! Everything was the same. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful and blessed to be working for my company, but my wanderlust was getting to me. There was one day that I really considered renting out my house, leaving my boyfriend, quitting my job and hopping on a plane to ANYWHERE, just to escape the monotony of my everyday life. And here he was doing it… having the courage I wish I had to do it… chase my dream!

And in that moment, something sparked in me. It was almost like a kick in the pants and I had to take stock of my life. What made me happy? Was there anything or anyone sucking the life out of me? What in the hell was I doing with my life? Is this REALLY what God made me for? Or was I just taking the safe route and doing what all good, educated, accomplished woman do?

I realized I wasn’t just going through a phase in my career, I was going down the wrong path. I have been settling for years now, just doing enough to make ends meet and maybe have a little on the side. Funny how fast you forget your dreams and desire chasing after money.

Well not anymore! I am done, done giving up on myself, done worrying about bills and if I have enough to go have dinner with 1 drink. I want to be like my friend. I want to have the courage to be who God had designed me to be. I want to live unapologetically, free and on my own terms!

So what about you? What’s your dream? Your why? What drives you to get out of the bed every morning? I now know what’s here for me; this blog is just the first step to reaching my greater why. Will you join me and reaching for your dream? Let’s take the path less traveled, there’s more room to fly!



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