Soulful Sunday… Foh and Miss me on that one!

You ever have someone in your life that you care for deeply and might even love? Yea me too, doesn’t it seem like that is the one person who can push your buttons in the correct sequence to get you all work up? And no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of them. Like you are stuck like glue! Well ladies and gentlemen welcome to my current love life!

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2years now. We have had plenty of ups and downs. There are times when he can be the sweetest and most thoughtful man on God’s green earth, and then other times I swear I’m going to jail! We have weathered a many of storms and grown closer through each one. 

So what are we talking about today? Well I want to state my case on why arguing with your love one is ok, and can be healthy and useful in relationships.

Sounds crazy right? To me, no not really. Do not misunderstand me, arguing ALL THE TIME is not healthy at all. If you spend all your time with your SO arguing over small petty things and large holes in your relationship, and it has been longer than a few months, that may not be the right person for you. Relationships ebb and flow, so it’s not going to be sunshine or rain all the time. 
Anyway… Arguing is healthy. Why? Because arguing is communicating. No it’s not the best form of communication, but hell at least it talking to one another. I feel like the best couples fight, the more passion that’s in these two people that more likely you are going argue. Remember Queen B and Jay Z in that elevator… Ooo honey child… She had her sister wildin’… And where are they now? In love on the beach somewhere taking shot of money!

I personally do not true relationships where they never have heated disagreements. To me that signals secrets, or at least one of the partners does not care enough about the relationship to state their opinion. 

Idk about you, but I would want someone who loves themselves enough to stand firm on their beliefs, and share them with me. Now even if he’s wrong, he cares enough about himself and me to open up, to try to get me to understand his thoughts. And I do the same because I know my opinion matters, I have a say in how I am treated and in what direction I am going.

My SO is very strong will and so am I , so needless to say, we argue, disagree, might get mad and need to cool off before we try again, but we communicate and resolve issues. We grow stronger, we tough it out; which is saying something in the age when society tells you to throw anything that doesn’t come easy to you. 

Disagreements and arguing are a healthy part of a relationship, as long as it’s not done too often, it doesn’t turn violent, the you all aren’t trying to be intentionally hurtful. Sometimes you have to get things off your chest and tear down some walls to rebuild. 

Plus hey, the make up session is the BEST!!!!!!

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