Soulful Sunday… Holding On

So lately I’ve been struggling with myself. Struggling between what I feel and what I know is right. Knowing that I can conquer this world and make my dreams come true, but wasting time worrying about things and people that I have no control over… it’s quite exhausting.

Have you been here? My heart is so big and loving to others that I feel their pain. I see their flaws. I want to help, but get consumed. I spiral with them, desperately grabbing on to every branch, rock, and root that I can get my hand on, while holding their limp bodies with the other hand. They try to help to get us out of this swirling mess of a life they have created, but I guess they have fought the current for too long and their strength is failing.

And what do you do? Do you let them go? Do you give up on that person and save yourself, hoping that they will make it out alive? Or do you go down with them, using all your strength and might to hold on just a little while longer, praying for a miracle and hoping that God sees you and blesses you with His power!

Boy, that is the question: Hold on or Let go? So simple, but with drastically different outcomes. This is where I am… where my mind wonders when it’s not occupied.

Have you been here? I have. Plenty of times, and you know what… I let go! Survival instinct kicked in and I let go. And I am happy that I let go because at the end of the day I knew I HAD to survive. But this time… this time it feels different… like maybe a miracle WILL happen. Like maybe for once I found something greater than myself. 

It could be wishful thinking… but just maybe… in the end we’ll actually weather the storm. 

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