Soulful Sunday… No Chill Woman

In the late night hours of yet another Saturday night spent chilling watching a movie… Deadpool, yeah I’m that kind of girl… I came across an article on Facebook. It really stood out to me, tucked away between the growing sea of baby pictures and wedding photos. Why the Girl with No Chill is the Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have… Bet, I figured… I have been told by my boyfriend that I am a handful and at times, batshit crazy… Let’s see how I stack up to the “No Chill Girlfriend”.

  1. She’s passionate…Check
  2. She’s not afraid to take the lead sometimes… Double Check
  3. She Knows what she wants… Check
  4. She won’t flake on you… True
  5. She’s honest about her needs… Thousand times Check
  6. She’s her own person… Yep
  7. She’s always ready for an adventure… Especially when some Tequila is involved
  8. She doesn’t play games… Nope, not unless its Monopoly
  9. She won’t sell out to seem “cool”… Who the hell is still worried about being cool!
  10. She’s always there for you… Well duh!

As I sat there thinking about the “No Chill Girlfriend”, it hit me… much like Deadpool smashing a bad guys head into side passenger window, right after he flipped the car slinging blood and bodies everywhere… Where was I… oh yeah. A No Chill Woman is a Queen!

A Queen Loves herself, and doesn’t take shit from no body. She slays, taking care of her business while looking beautiful at the same time. Queen Bey has given us a many anthem to ride out to, so why do I see some many women just getting by?

Queen you were meant to do some much more than that 9-5 you go to everyday, with these same stupid co-workers that you hate, making that little bit of chump change just to keep the lights on. God created you for so much more!

I call for a revolution! Let’s educate ourselves! Find inner peace and discover our gifts! Let’s teach our daughters that they can rule the world! Lets stop glorifying this hourglass chick who’s only claim to fame is that she slept with someone. I am sorry, but being a stripper is not something to glorify! Anybody can take their clothes off, but it takes something more to use your God-given talents to make something of yourself, and leave this world better than you found it.

I am proud to be a “No Chill Girlfriend” because that means that I command respect, from the man who is supposed to love me, to the people I meet everyday. My crown may be invisible, but I promise you, they feel it shining!

What about you? Queen, you feeling No Chill? Are you ready to take your throne?

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