Let me add my 2¢…

So with the election being just a few weeks away, I thought I’d be like everyone else and express my feeling on the current state of affairs.

Am I voting… Yes, already done!

Who are you for? Hilary or Trump Ummm seriously NEITHER!

Well a vote for the 3rd party is a wasted vote… Well I rather vote for a candidate that has most of my interest at heart, and if that happens to be a person not in the two-party, I am willing to give the underdog my vote. And considering what Blacks and Women had to do to give me the right to vote, there is no way that i will not be exercising my right!

But you’re a woman! Don’t you want to see a woman president?… Well I got a black president, with a beautiful black wife, who we all know has had a hand in running our country… so yea I’m good on that. I refuse to give my vote to a woman I wouldn’t even trust holding my shoes while I hit the dance floor!

Well you’re black so we all know why you’re not voting for Trump… Yep, no need to explain, I’m not a thoughtless, heartless moron! Plus being that I am not from the inner city, where all us blacks are poor, ghetto, uneducated, and live in crime-filled crumbling apartments, I think I have a thing or two to lose if he is President.

So now that you see where my head is at… Let me throw this out there… Can we PLEASE stop spending so much time and focus on this one election every 4 years???? Yeah it fun and I do understand how electing a leader for our country is important, but honestly his/her regulations are not going to effect our everyday life that much. I would love for our society/community to turn the attention to the local elections and the regulations on our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools.

I live in DeKalb County, GA… Decatur where it’s greater… and if I were to have a child and not move or make more money, my child is basically SOL! There are schools that have shut down and over crowded the others. One half of Decatur has ALL of the funds and programs, where the other side is struggling. It’s sad that every child does not have the same opportunity to learn.

Not to mention all my bothers being killed or imprison, destroying families. We have a hand in that too, you know. The Judges and DAs, Sheriffs, all of them are elected. I know the system is designed to fail us, but you know how you beat it? Play by its rules and beat them at their own game.

And don’t get me started on the roads and infrastructure! I it way too much to ask to have a smooth drive to work? Have the traffic light sync up correctly? To have sidewalks?  Clean water… Flint, Michigan…Well you know who’s in charge of that? Your elected officials.

I am honestly so tired of hearing people talk about this election! It’s a disgrace to our country to have choose between the candidates. But what hurts my heart more is that we are not fully invested in our communities. We know the people on top of the hill, but have no idea who is actually carrying out the orders. We know everything about the president, but don’t know who our County Commissioner is, the person responsible for correctly using our tax money.

Sometimes I really hate how ass backwards our society has become!

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