Too much Ambition?

Is it possible to have too much ambition? Seriously…

As I was in the shower getting my natural hair goddess on, I started thinking about hopping back on the healthy living kick I had been on for the last 2 years. Then I started thinking about hosting a radio show, then a day-time TV show, then finally painting my living room, then to getting the roof fixed, and buying new plants, and getting the gutters cleaned, and the yard cleaned up, and then to when are we going to get married, then questioned if I wanted to marry him, then what our kids would look like, and back around to losing weight. Y’all this was seriously like a 3 minute train of thought!

So many things that I want/ need to do, and I know I can do all of them, but I don’t know where to even start. Ever feel like that? If you are anything like me, you are Queen Bee in your world and a Jill of all trades, so you want to do it all. Boy does it feel so cloudy sometimes!

I think to fully live and succeed in this world, you must have ambition. You have to have that self-starting trait to push of the cliff in the attempt to fly. So you can understand how lost and frustrated I feel at times when I can jump in so many different directions but don’t know which side to go.

Crazy part is that I don’t the answer… LOL… for once I really don’t know where to go from here. Good news is that I have faith in God and myself that I will figure it out. I will be lead down the correct path… LOL but I think this weight loss thing should be first! It’s not a good look to have ALL of your cute clothes fit too tight, or your boyfriend make fun of you for tearing into a pizza and not leave any for him! So here we go again!

I think I have too much ambition, for now at least, and too little focus. I’ll get it together though y’all; so will you if you’re standing at the same place on this cliff with me!  I have my list of things I want in this life and I will just check them off one by one as I continue my journey. Don’t worry, y’all will be along for the ride!


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