My Ode to the Black Man

His strength is undeniable. With dignity and grace, he navigates effortlessly through this world. He is a master of all, commanding respect from everyone he meets. Never rude or condescending, he speaks truth and life with every word that leaves his full lips. He protects his own, fearlessly standing for what is right. He carries the weight of this world, in a society that both fears and hates him; but he does not complain, he carries that weight for those he loves, standing tall being the father, brother, husband, the pillar of his community. God has blessed him, because out of his sun-kissed skin lives hopes and goodness. His load gets heavy, but his family is there to give him life; a reason to carry on. They love him, wiping away his tears, feeding his body and soul, reminding him that God has chosen them to birth the human race. Coming from Kings that influenced the world, to slaves building a nation, he has greatness coursing through his veins. He has lived through many struggles, many defeats; but there he stands, defiantly refusing to fall, never going gently into that good night.

Strength, dignity, and love are his crown, and my king wears it so well.

This is my love letter to all of my black men. We love all of you, even when society tells you that you aren’t worthy of love! A Queen needs her King, and I humbled to share this glorious melanin skin with you! Stand strong my brothers.

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