My Nature is Divine; I am a Spiritual Being…

I was chilling with my work squad; and my work husband asked me the most interesting question… “Are you religious?” to which I immediately answered yes… I got a hummm in reply, then a follow-up question…” No are you religious or spiritual?”... at that point I caught on to what he was asking…

I am a first and for most a Spiritual Being. I believe in God, I have seen his works, and hear his voice. I pray and I read my Bible. I sit still and worship thankfully all the many, many things that He has seen me through. I look to Him for guidance. I look to Him for comfort and strength. I like to think that God and I have some connection and that He loves me.

When I was a child, He saved me. I will never forget the moment that I thought about taking my own life, to end all the suffering I was going through, He whispered to me through my tears… You are precious to me, I have great things for you… In my personal life, God has always been the foundation that I stood on, the one constant part of me.

So I am spiritual… Not a new age, crystal healing, tarot card reading spiritual person. I am a lets sit still for a while and try to connect to God, the universe, Allah, Yahweh, what ever you want to call Him, type of spiritual. I personally don’t like the idea of organized religion. I understand that we can all read the same book and get different interpretations. I also understand the innate human desire to congregate. But to me, I find that mixing those two things together makes the water muddy. It takes simple principle and skews them to one’s person agenda; grabbing for power and serving of the ego. Hence all of the Holy Wars we have experienced, all the people turned away from the turn, and lives lost. Religion puts God into a box, presented by man’s limited understanding of how the universe works.

I encourage everyone to find their own truth. The way I see God may not be the way you relate to Him, and that’s OK. I refuse to force my truth on anyone else. I know who He has been to me, and I have faith on who He will continue to be. One day I will live out my purpose and move on to the next life, and I hope that when I am there, all the lessons that I have learned will serve me well! But most importantly, I hope that all my knowledge and mistakes will have help someone else in their journey to their truth!



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