Time to Pick up and Carry on

Ever date a guy that you love full heartily? Yeah me too. And did that guy turn out to be a total waste of space? Yep. I know, everyone has at least one of those guys. Well I hadn’t had one until now, 28 years in, I guess I was over due! 

Just yesterday I found out that my beloved was a dirty snake preying on kind hearted women. You know, good girls, those who have more that a nice body and pretty face to offer. The woman who have accomplished careers, homes, and families. The woman that every man dreams of settling down with. Well he comes in and takes and uses them, talks them into having children for him, does all the right things, says the right things, with one serious flaw… once he sucks all that he can from them, he’s gone… poof! And these smart, beautiful women are left to raise a child that looks like him, constantly reminded of all the betrayal and pain he leaves in his wake.

Sad right! No worries guy, I’m not one of them. I got away with nothing permanently tying us together, my life in tact, ready to continue to rise. But I can’t help but to feel so much sadness in my heart for all the women and their children whose lives and families he has created havoc in. It’s such a hateful thing to do to someone. Any bad luck and ill fate that may fall upon him, he definitely brought that upon himself.

But what I love about strong women is that no matter what, we still rise. We will stumble, make mistakes, even fall flat on our faces, but still we’ll get back up and rule as we should. I know I will more than ok, because I am a great person, my love will find me. I will have the life I’ve dreamed of. In all honesty, I am so grateful for this experience, I have learned so much about myself and about my capabilities for patience, love, selflessness, and my amazing support system.

So if you are faced with a situation like this, worse or less… Remember beautiful, you are a Queen, made to rule your life with dignity, grace, and most of all finesse. So Reign on Queen!

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