Are we done already?!?

With Christmas just right around the corner and New Years right after that, am I the only one who is ready for 2016 to be over?

Like I can skip the holidays this year if that means we can get to 2017 faster. No presents and big Christmas dinner, no Champange and confetti … do not pass Go, do not collect $200!

This past year has been just a train wreck of buffoonery, killings, dirty water, social media warfare, and an uprising of racial tensions. Yea great right!?! On top of all of that, I have ended a bad 2 year relationship with a liar, which wasn’t easy! Ugh! I also became aware of the general struggle of the black woman trying to move up in the corporate world. It’s so sad that I have to work harder to just be on the same playing field of those who do not possess the natural gifts and talents that I have. I thought 2012 was bad for me, but man, this year I have awaken to all the shitty parts of people. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kind of miss my ignorant slumber!

I have truly lost my hope in people. This might be my first year as a real “adult”, so I am finally seeing all the bull that my daddy has warned me about growing up. I now see the inequality in the workplaces. I see the underlying distain our country has for non white males. I am faced daily with the low key classism that drives our economy. Shot, I even found out that I am not impervious to the no good guy. Never in a million years did I think the man that I had planned on spending my life with would lie, cheat, and impregnate someone else in the course of our 2years together. This year has really been like a sucker punch to my hope in humanity!

Can 2017 get here already?!?

I’m ready for a fresh start! Lol New Year, New Me, right! Seriously, I’m ready to rebuild, to start anew. I want to get back to being healthy and playing sports… kickball, I’m talking to you honey! You have no idea how a bad relationship can creep up the pounds! I want to find a more suitable career path; I’m tired of trying to figure things out! I never stopped loving myself, so I know my love will find me, but I definitely plan on having all the fun that I missed out on the last 2years.

So for 2017, I’m taking things back to Finess circa 2015! She was fierce, strong, motivated, sexy, a goddess… just plain happy!

Here’s to 2016, may you Rest In Peace and never show your ugly face again! We have had enough of your tomfoolery! May 2017 be a much better year, were we love ourselves and others much better than what we have been doing so far!

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