WCW Parrise Nesmith

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so beyond happy to introduce my first Woman Crush Wednesday of 2017… Parrise Nesmith!

With the end of the holiday season, we all should have us a real hard look at our financial future, all the gift buying and partying can really put some wear and tear on all of our pockets! Well Parrise is here to help! As a Field Trainer with Financial Education Services, Parrise is spending her God-given gift for business and finances to help others gain their financial freedom!

We are a financial educational service company that offers many financial services but our premiere product is credit restoration. Our clients come to us because they are ready for a change and that’s what we provide. We are vehicles of change to financial health and wealth for our clients. What I love about our company is that we not only promote making a change, but we diligently work to provide the resources needed to stay on the road to financial freedom.

What I love about Parrise’s story is that she was just like you and I. Before joining FES, she was first a client, trying to fix her own financial mishaps.

I saw someone I went to high school with advertising the services and the business. I said to myself, ” You need to look into this.” Long story short, it took me a year too long to finally invest in the business and I’m so glad I did. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. As a credit agent not only do I get to help change the lives of others, but I also get to use the services first hand. I started the credit restoration services in August when I joined the business. Within 90 days, the company was able to remove a judgment from all three of my reports making it possible for me to start the process of obtaining a home. I have no problems promoting my business because I have my own success story. It worked for me.

What Parrise and other’s at FES are doing is so near and dear to my heart! Unfortunately so many of people my age have no idea how important it is to grow and maintain your credit score. It is your golden ticket to making it in our society, yet very few are educated on how to use it. The work that she is doing will help a family now and for generations to come; which is very important especially for those of us of color. Bad credit is another way to systematically oppress our communities.

So if you are ready to take charge of your finances, give Parrise a try! With all the knowledge that she has gained , she is still down to earth and understanding of all walks of life. She believes in lessons, not failures, and has this amazing ability to love and pray for everyone, even those who have done her wrong. Very approachable and versatile, she is definitely worth working with!

God’s hand is definitely the reason I am where I am. There’s a saying, “If people only knew what I’ve been through.” People have no clue at all just how much God has brought me through. I try my best to view everyone the way God sees them.


Parrise Nesmith is truly deserving to be my WCW! Her faith in God, herself, and others is inspiring! She is helping to change our world one family at a time! If you would like to contact her:

Website: http://www.myfes.net/pnesmith

Phone: 678/643/1048

Instagram: @Parrisenesmith

Periscope: Parrisen

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