MARCH ON! #Drippin

Hi there!

Welcome back sug… LOL I have quite southern lately… so the sug’s are just rolling out of my mouth so effortlessly!

It has been 30+ days since I have decided to fast from all thing male. I did y’all! I’m beyond stoked on myself because I have been a serial dater for the past 5 or so years, and going a month without a date or at least chatting up a cutie is practically unheard of! LOL many of my good friends were not convinced of my conviction… but I think they are jumping on board now!

So if you follow me on FaceBook (Which you totally should do!),  I’ve been doing little videos about what I have been learning through this process. They are just my pretty face talking and sharing, and of course encouraging you to find your truth!

But I am not writing this post to shamelessly praise myself or to plug my Facebook page… I want to talk about life and the importance of CONSISTENCY.


See that pretty lady… dripping with Mardi Gras beads… that’s me!

I WON! LOL, yep, I won at catching beads and trinkets at the few parades I went to during my long weekend in New Orleans. We had are having an amazing time! With 2 jobs, bills piling up, and post breakup stress, I needed a break and more importantly a W.

For the past 6 months have been so turbulent. For the first time in my life, I was taking L’s left and right. We all have been here, but this is the first time that I literally lost at EVERYTHING!

At the moment I toke this picture, I felt like a winner again. So crazy how catching cheap beads can bring back a winner’s spirit, but it did for me. It’s like for a moment, I remembered how great I can be. I have always know that I am awesome, I give myself a pep talk every morning, but I hadn’t felt it lately. My mojo had been lost, my natural shine dulled… just fighting to feel normal.

But I am back! I feel connected to my Goddess, my Queendom, my Light!

The thing is… I knew I would have never gotten back to this place with out constantly reminding myself of how I want to be, not who I am now. For the first time in forever I stuck to one goal for more than a month… sad, I know… but I been have a very hard time staying focused and motivated enough to see things through. But I did it… and I am so happy I did. The dedication shows me that I really can have patience to do what I want. I can have the discipline to wait to give my heart until I know it’s right, I can turn this blog into my life’s work, I can finally get down to a healthy weight and keep it off. I can take L’s and bounce back, if I just keep on going!

So on March 1st, 2017, I declare this a day to March On! Take the steps to reach a goal, even if they are little tiny steps. Stay consistent. Have patience with yourself, it’s ok to take L’s, just don’t stay there, keep going!

My original theme for this year was #BounceBack… I know… I’m so lame for having themes for my years… don’t judge! LOL… but now it’s #Drippin…. yep #Drippin, because this year I plan on dripping in blessings!



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