I Guess This Is Happening!

So my bestfriends are getting fit and healthy!

Guess who has to now seriously get fit and healthy!

I was planning on going back to my healthy lifestyle… soon… well eventually… but I have been enjoying being fat! Ugh!

Being healthy just doesn’t feel as good as greasy, fatty, fried… cheesy… salty… OMG I want some pizza NOW! I mean seriously… have you not tried stuffed crust pizza!!!!

No wonder everyone in the U.S is fat and over weight! Fried everything is delicious! Seriously… if you seasoned, battered, and fried a piece of cardboard… I bet you money it’ll come out tasty.

We are addicted to food! One of my favorite things about FaceBook is all the videoes about food from around the world. My friends and I tag each other all the time, gleeful in our food lust. Watching people make crazy, insane, innovative, over the top dish is seriously like my porn! I just can’t stop watching and wanting to be there, to taste the treats! LOL seriously though… I might have a problem!

So now we are going to get sexy… well sexier… I’m still good looking in my fluffy size! I have ordered a fat burner, a brand new activity tracker, and more of my multi-vitamins to get me started off right!

Wish me luck you guys! For the millionth time, I will eat healthy and exercise, hopefully making it to a size where I can be chunky and funky! Lol who doesn’t love a sassy, thick, black lady! We practically are the mothers of America, going way back when my people were brought here! So why break tradition now! I plan on just being less juicy!

I will of course keep you guys updated on the journey and if I actually make it this time, I’ll share my tips! But I will leave you guys with memes of my excitement to being forced to end my foodcation and get back on wagon!


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