When Being the Token Black Friend Goes Wrong…

Hello all!

I know you all are used to post about my personal life, but this morning I ran across a post on Facebook that I just could not wrap my head around!

I’m sure we all have seen the clip of Dr. Ben Carson, a black doctor, stating in one of his speeches that at the bottom of slave ships, there were “immigrants ” looking to find a better way of life.

“There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships, who worked even longer, even harder, for less, but they too had a dream…”

Now as an educated black woman, I am just FLOORED by such an accusation!

Growing up in the south, Georgia to exact, my education was filled with: slavery, the civil war, and the movements that granted African-American their rights. My father, a New Yorker, jokes that the south never got over their L, so they repeat the same lessons year are year to their children, like an old man retelling the stories of his youth. So I know a thing or two about slavery, where my ancestors come from, the struggles they have faced, and most importantly the sacrifices they made so that I can be someone of value in our great nation.

Now for this, again doctor, to say some… bullshit… I can not think of any other word that accurately describe it… is a huge slap in the face to those who came before us! It belittles their suffering. Basically states that all the slave narratives where just whining, because there were people happy to live in worse conditions, work harder for less, and reap the benefits of their labor.

But let me remind everyone: the immigrants on those slaves ship, were slaves! Not indentured servants, slaves! Not free Africans looking to start a new life, slaves! Men, women, and children sold into slavery, many  of them captives. Many died as they were forced to make this voyage. Those who were strong enough to endure, being chained together like livestock in horrible unsanitary conditions, came to America to be sold off to be SLAVES! They were treated horribly: beaten, raped, families torn apart, bred like fucking animals. They were thought of as property, not people…. not people… like the same as a fucking chair… not a person, but a thing…ugh… FUCK…let me calm down…

And yet from these terrible beginnings, my ancestors rose to be some of the most influential people of the U.S. We have had a hand in shaping literally everything. From modern-day culture, to technological innovations, to the presidency, we have influenced it all! So to belittle our story, his story, is just disgusting!

It warms my heart to see others put off by his comments!

I am really getting tired of this president and all the tomfoolery he and his flunkies are spewing! I not one for being PC, but if anyone needs to watch what there are saying, its our elected officials. These next 4 years are seriously going to be a joke, filled with stupid statements like this! Ugh! Can Obama come back? I miss having class and common sense in the white house!

Stay woke and educate yourself! 

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