Day 52… Let’s just be Friends!

Update Time!!!

Today makes day 52 in my 90 day cleanse for all thing male!

In yo face… Yeah… With a can of mace! LOL…. That’s my happy dance!

I am over half way through! And… I got a crush y’all! Like the cutest, most innocent little crush! For the first time, I am seeing what I have been doing wrong.

Ever meet a guy… you think he’s hot… he thinks your beautiful… you go out a couple of times… and then he declares his undying love for you? You get caught up in your feeling, and might love him too, so you return his “love” with trust. Fast-forward 5 months later, you have invested WAY too much into this guy that seemed like a fairy tell come true. You eat up all his lies. You bought into this life that you thought you would have together, ready to ride or die… but something just doesn’t feel right.

He’s inconsistent. You notice some of his lies.  Things he says and the way he acts just don’t add up. You look at this man that you thought you knew, but he is a total stranger to you, and honestly you really don’t like what you see.

Yep, that’s all of my past relationships in a nut shell. Moved way too fast and didn’t see all the red flags until its too late! Sound familiar?

Guess what, I have learned that there is definitely a way to stop all of this… the dreaded FRIEND ZONE…dun dun dun… yep well friend zone adjacent… Not fully like my play brother, but also not my bae. So FZA if you will.

I figured out that this is the first step to a lasting relationship… Yes I did some interviews and research!

If you can’t be friends with your mate, it’s not going to work. In a friendship you take the time to get to know each other, the ends and outs of their personality. In every friendship you learn how to resolve problems and how to move on. You also find the boundaries of your closeness. You learn how to be together by spending quality time together. All the things you would want to do with your mate without fully jumping in.

It’s crazy to think that one would miss this crucial step, but your’s truly managed to miss it time after time! Smh

So progress y’all! There is still hope for me!

Less than 45 and counting…

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