He’s Just a Friend!

Can we take two seconds to say how unbelievably important Guy Friends are?!

And No, I’m not talking about a Gay Best Friend! They are quite wonderful in their own right, don’t get it twisted! I am talking about a heterosexual male, who treats you with the same respect your man should, but looks out for you like you are their sister. They are willing to defend your honor, but will tell you when you are being an asshole!

I know most people believe that girls and guys can not be friends. They automatically think that there is something sexual going on in that mix. Like there is no way that the opposite sex can be interested in knowing you because you are an awesome person, instead of getting into them pants!

I personally have been blessed with few guy friends, all of them just as important as the last. I love each and everyone of them!

Here’s why:

They definitely look out for you. I feel very confident and secure that in all situations, they would make sure I’m home safely in one piece.

They don’t hold grudges like ladies do! I can not tell you how annoying it is to say something wrong and have it thrown back in your face a million times!

They can instantly tell if the guy you are dating is up to par. Boy what I would have not given for them to be around for my last relationship. But they spot a fuckboi a mile away and will warn you!

They keep thing complete 100 with you! If you every get the pleasure to know me in real life, you’ll very quickly find that I need someone to hit me with a reality check sometimes. I can get so wrapped up in my head, that I start talking non-sense!

They will give you male brain advice. Any worth while friend gives you advice, but it so helpful to get an insight to what guys are thinking. I can not tell you how many times I have blown up at a guy I’m dating, just to apologize afterwards because my guy friends explained the male point of view to me.


They accept you for who you are: good, bad, and ugly! All of my guy friends have seen me at my best and worst. They are just as understanding and caring as all of my female friends, if not more. They will stand by you when you’re right or wrong… expect plenty of trash talk though… but no matter what, their loyalty runs deep!

So Ladies! If you don’t at least have one good guy friend… it’s time to make one… LOL but don’t sleep with him OK? That ruins the friendship!



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