30 is Coming…

29… on April 23rd of this year, I will be turning 29. My last year of my glorious 20s is upon me. I’m terrified! The thought of being an actual adult seems like death itself. The end.

Much like when I turned 25, I hadn’t given turning 29 much thought at all. Now that it is quickly approaching, I can feel the dread forming and this nagging sense that I should have planned better, or planned at all. To most people 30 and over, or 28 and younger, I might sound quite overly dramatic. 29 with no husband, children or super successful career, I feel like I have somehow missed my train and its pulling away from the station. I’m running in the cutest sandals, frilly maxi skirt, comfortable tee, big fro, beat face, and huge gold hoops… hustling to catch that train without looking to out of shape or sweating off my make up! I’m running, but I just can’t seem to get this damn train to slow down and stop for me!

This is what I imagine year 29 to feel like. When I was 18, hell 25, I thought at this point I would be somebody! My title would have moved from “This is Finess”, to “My Wife”, “Mommy”, shot, at least “Manager” or some other important sounding title. And yet I am still at just Finess.

Don’t get me wrong, I have accomplished quite a bite in these 29 years, I was just hoping for more… just a little bite  more. This year will be my last dance with 20, the end of a wild and crazy night. Before I know it, I’ll be 30. A woman… no longer a girl. I will have to get really serious about the dating I am doing… that clock is ticking… I have to get serious about losing weight and taking care of myself. I have to get serious about my life’s work!  It’s no longer play time! 30’s are the big time!

Yep so… I’m terrified! Hopefully it’s all in my head! I will try my best to fight the urge to wear all black and proceed through 29 as if I am going to my own funeral. Hopefully it will much like year 25, I will rise to whatever new challenges that come… without too much wining, kicking and screaming!

So here’s to all my fellow 1988 babies! May year 29 be kind to us!



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