He’s Not a Good Guy!

Ever been doing something, like let’s say cleaning your bathroom….You’re singing along to your favorite songs, arms deep in the toilet, when it hits you!

Bam! The gates of heaven open and a blessed thought slowly floats down to you… He’s just not a good guy. You did nothing wrong, it was him and all his shittiness!

Ok, so as y’all know I’m on a 90 day cleanse from all things male. I needed this to clear my life of my ex of two years who cheated on me and had a baby. Fuckboi, I know! During this time I have been working on getting my life back to where I was before him, or better. I am very happy to report that it’s working! I feel like myself again, I just had this one hump to conquer, I still love him.

I do still cherish the fun times we had together, but I FINALLY believe what I have been telling myself, he’s really not worthy of your time or attention. I’m telling you, it just smacked me in the face! Like yeah! He’s really not a good guy! He causes pain everywhere he goes! He’s not reliable. He lies. He cheats. Probably steals too. Worst of all, he tricks women into having his children and he has no plan to take care of them! Just the lowest of the low! There is now a whole tribe of his off spring and baby mamas that he needs to answer to. Thankful I am not one of them!

I feel free! My brain finally won over my heart! In a matter of moments, all my conflicted feeling are gone. No matter how many times he says he loves me more than anything in the world, claiming that he has changed, I will not go back! Hell even if he does finally work his way into becoming a real man, I don’t want him! It only takes me one time to be burnt before I stop fooling with the fire!

So if you every find yourself in my shoes, which I definitely pray you won’t, remember those feelings will fade! It may take a while, but remind yourself of your value! You deserve to be treated the way you want to! You don’t have to settle! You have the power to create the life you imagined!

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