True Purpose

Can I share for just a moment… my heart is full!

I know I talk about following your dreams all the time… seriously all the time! I full-heartily believe in every word I type about being the master of your time and destiny, but like most of you, I still have a day job. I may never become this great entrainment personality, or ever host a nation TV show… btw if I ever get there, y’all KNOW it’s going to be LIT!… but every weekend I put on my uniform and come into work. And I LOVE it!

I work for one of the best places here in Atlanta! Everyday I make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just bring a tiny smile on a sad child’s face. I do not do anything heroic; I don’t risk my life or save others. I literally walk around for hours being a beacon of light, serving others in their time of struggle. I use my God-given charisma in the most selfless I know how: being a kind, smiling, and listening face for families with sick children. At times I feel as if this is what God placed me on this earth to do!

That’s what I wanted to share… working in your purpose. I dream of being someone who makes a difference, and I know one day I will touch a larger audience. For now, a small room with a Mom and her child feeling my warm heart is what I live for. In the few moments that we are together, I lift spirits, I ease worries, and I give joy. I feel God’s light just shining through me! I really wouldn’t give this up for the world! To look into a baby’s eye and show them kindness, and for them to see you all the love in your heart… oh it just brings tears to my eyes!

I feel so blessed to have this gift of warmth… LOL my co-worker even nicknamed me sunshine… I bring of all things good and happy when I step through the door to everyone I meet. This is my gift and I found purpose in sharing it. I pray that everyone has the chance to experience what living in their prupose feels like! Once you do, you’ll never dread going to work ever again! I promise!


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