Dear Mama!

Today is my Mommy’s Birthday!

It’s such a wonderful occasion! Every year I am so unbelievably blessed to experience it!

You see, my Mommy came very, very, very close to dying a few years ago! Here in the south, there is this tiny little brown spider that lives in the wooded areas. It’s a nasty little things that will mess you up if it bites you! One hot spring afternoon, one found my mother!

My Mom already had a compromised immune system, so this little one did a number on her body. She couldn’t walk, barely ate, was hospitalized multiple times, and temporarily loss her sight! During this time both my brother and I had graduations weeks apart, my Mom was still there for us! She came to my brother’s graduation in a wheelchair and was rushed to the hospital afterwards, but she sat there in pain just to be there for him! 

She is a powerhouse! Years later she is walking, working, and driving again. Seriously! She went from riding in a wheelchair to wearing high heels! She still works everyday, cares for my grandfather, and goes on vacation at least 3 times a year! On top of that, she is very active in her church and her social organization! She is amazing!

I am grateful to have my mother! She has shown me what being a woman is really about! She is strong, classic, and smart! I know everyone loves their mom, but my mom is definitely a cut above the rest!

So please join me in wishing her an awesome birthday!

Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you!😘 

5 thoughts on “Dear Mama!

  1. I wish you a day Full of special delights Warmhearted feelings and heartwarming sights. I wish you a day That seems made just and you With all your wishes and dreams coming true.

    Sister Cassandra Davis


  2. Finess,
    You are truly blessed to have Lorie as your mom. She is amazing, she keeps me grounded, and she is always encouraging me and my spiritual growth. I think you have a typo, though. That “3” should be “30”…LOL!! I lovingly call her my globetrotter. Seriously, I hope she has a wonderful day and many, many, many more birthdays to share with you!!!


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