I Don’t Take Shit from Nobody…

So recently, at one of my jobs, I had an unpleasant conversations with upper management. I did not like the way that I was talked to and treated, so I composed an email stating how I did not appreciate it and how I hope that in the future we have a better exchange of words. I am not going to lie, it was a little petty… and y’all know how petty I can be. I made sure they understood that I was someone of value to the company, and not your average employee. I honestly wasn’t too sure how my email was going to be received, I was either going to get fired, maybe reprimanded, or maybe with my choice of words, I would actually reach this person and let them know the level of respect that I will accept.

And you know what, they choose to see the stance that I had made and apologized for their part in the exchange. I am telling you all about this not to gloat, but to praise their decision to show some humility and seek to rectify the situation; also to encourage everyone to stand up for themselves.

My Daddy has always told me that I am to be respected, I am a Hill and we get things done. I can still remember him telling my brother and I… “We do not try, we do”. From an early age he told me that I am a cut above the rest, I was his daughter and I am not supposed to take shit from no one. So with that imbedded in me, I refuse to let anyone make me feel less than!

I wasn’t always this confident. Because of my size, I was bullied for a good portion of my childhood. I felt ugly and unworthy… far from the lady I am now! One day I said enough, I will no longer live my life with hopes that other’s will accept me! I will accept myself and everyone else will just have to fall in line! From that day, I started living. I become confident in myself. I treated myself as if I was important, and everyone else started to do the same. I went from this sensitive fat girl, to a bold and fearless juicy woman.

The same should go for you! If you are in a relationship with a person who makes you feel bad about yourself… if you are at a job that you are talked down to… if you have people in your life that make you feel unimportant… if you talk to yourself as if you are not the best thing since sliced bread… it’s time to make a change! Remember, people treat you how you allow them to. Make a change, take a risk, be in charge of how your life is lived!

I refuse to ever feel low again. No one… and I mean NO ONE will ever make me feel less than wonder, less than amazing, less than a blessed child of God. I don’t take shit from no body… LOL well maybe my Mommy… cuz y’all she can get crazy!



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