MCM… A. Lamar Brooks

Hey Y’all!

When is the last time you read a great book?

Lol seriously! Just a really great love story? Well if it’s been too long… boo do I have a good novel for you!

I find it so funny how one conversation can reveal so much about a person. Who would have thought, I would meet a published author coming into work on for the weekend! This man has a great passion for writing and telling stories! So of course I had to check out his book!

I would like to introduce you all to A. Lamar Brooks, author of The Correctional Affair.

Carlton stumbles over his self-esteem after losing a very lucrative position with a major airline company. Married, for 15 years, to a woman and her two kids, he felt more and more as the, “odd man out,” than the Head of the Household. Each day the “ours” element, in their marriage, constantly reminded him that it would continue and always be, His Wife, her kids, and then him, in that order. Now, with the security of a new career at the Madison Regional Youth Detention Center, Carlton finds himself lured into the arms of a stunningly – beautiful, seductive and exotic Corrections Officer, who desperately wants to satisfy his every need and longs to give him the future he’s always desired. Would the vows he promised his wife be enough to maintain his marriage? Or will the web of secrets and lies he finds himself in, keep him trapped in the snare of this Correctional Affair.

Steamy right?!? I have had the pleasure of checking out this book, and y’all… AMAZING! The twists and turns will definitely keep you interested and wanting to know what happens next!

From one creative person to the next, I am beyond proud of what this brother is doing! A single father of 3, U.S Air Force Veteran, and 1 out of 9 children, he has a unique take on life. He attributes his success to his family and mother! Oh how I love a man who loves his family! He carries himself with so much pride and humility, you can tell his experiences really bring his words to life!

It takes real courage to put your heart and soul into a work of art for the masses! He is a prime example of chasing your dream! It may not bring you fame or fortune, but you will leave a mark on this world, showing what true living is all about!

I encourage each of my readers to check out A. Lamar Brooks and his novel The Correctional Affair! You won’t be disappointed!

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