Sometimes I feel like I don’t need a man!

Seriously! Not on some super independent women, man hating thing, but honestly I kinda feel like I have enough people in my life that fill up the role he would play.

I have my besties who are my emotional circle, lol and honestly treat me just as well as my boyfriend should. I have my guy friends who protect me. I have my wise friends who helps guide me in the right direction. I have my children, all 7 of them, who though I did not give birth to any of them, I care for just the same. I have my friends who I just love spending time with, our vibe is just so right! My squad is lit!

It’s like subconsciously I filled my circle with the things I needed in a man. I have unconditional love from them. I found a life partner in my oldest friend. We literally are raising a family together. I have been through some of my darkest times with them, and they have stood by my side! Shot, even my 90 day cleanse was promoted by a come-to-Jesus conversation with my wingman!

The only thing that I am missing is from a sexual standpoint, but even then, I would rather be alone than laid up with someone who doesn’t love me properly! Lol even though I totally miss the booty rubs, there is something so therapeutic about it!

Coming off of my cleanse I see this now. I have spent way too much energy trying to find the one person to fit… trying to make the wrong person to fit… when I have had what I needed all along. I would like to have a husband, I really would, but if that never happens, I think my life would still be full!

So maybe that’s the take away… just live your life! Be happy, follow your purpose, fill your circle with people who want to see you succeed! Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones to find true love, but remember it comes in many different forms. So even if it doesn’t come in a romantic sense, you can experience unconditional love, understanding, and sacrifice in your life!💋

… Y’all I just HAD to share the rest of these memes I found when looking for a picture for this post! I frfr love the internet!

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