Black Business Love!

So as my Facebook followers may know, one of my many 29th birthday celebrations was to drag my beloved Mom to Taliah Waajid’s World Natural Hair Event. As you can tell from my logo, I have a love affair with natural hair! It’s something about embracing my roots, loving what God gave me, and celebrating what makes me unique, makes me so giddy!

This was no small event! There were vendors selling all sorts of black focused products. There were of course hair products: Taliaj Waajid, Cantu, Mixed Chicks, and so many more, but what surprised me was all of the other black owned vendors! There were people selling African Print Clothing, Jewelry, Books, and even Men’s grooming products! I was so impressed and honestly proud of all the many beautiful brown faces I saw following their dreams!

The first vendor that I met was an amazing young lady, Ana Toomer of Maria Pauline, owner of a fabulous Plus-Sized African Print clothing line! I was instantly drawn to her and he beautiful clothes! As a woman of the juicier variety I really LOVE to rock my  African prints, but it normally does not come in my size. All of her skirts and dresses just screamed to me! So of course I had to check her online store, and y’all!!! The collection looks amazing!!!! I was impressed with the quality of the samples she had to sell. It’s one thing to have cute handmade clothes, it’s a totally different beast to have quality cute handmade clothes! Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed to have enough money on hand to pick up one of her super cute bubble dressed, but I did purchase a head wrap from her and baby… Y’all I haven’t stop rocking it yet! I am going to treat myself to one of her dresses next!

Speaking of head wraps, I did have to mention another sister selling a line of head wraps, London Ivy. I wasn’t able to catch her name, but she was so warm and sweet. Ok back to the head wraps, they were phenomenal! This is the first time I have EVER seen satin-lined head wraps! What an amazing idea! You can protect your natural locks while rocking an effortless hair style! Genius! Yet another treat for myself, LOL I will definitely be ordering a satin-lined head wrap to add to my collection!

Ok so I got my dress, I got my head wrap, let me show off the neatest copper ring I bought. There is the brother Mindosa, from Live Art Studios, who makes some very interesting jewelry. He makes rings, bracelet, and pendants all from cooper wire, gemstones and beads. Here’s the thing about his work, it’s so neat, simple, and elegant! I am not one for huge, gaudy jewelry. I think a well made piece stands out and doesn’t need to be flashy. There this nothing like true craftsmanship! Y’all this man has talent. I purchased the cutest copper ring from him and I have not stopped wearing it. It sturdy, has clean lines, and is fat out beautiful! Check him out frfr! LOL even Mom liked him and bought herself a ring… and this is coming from the lady that walks around with a big fat chocolate diamond on her hand! If Mom is down, it has to be of quality!

I can not talk about this event without pointing out something very near and dear to me, children’s book. For those of us in our late 20’s going into our 30’s, most of us single women dream of the day that we have little ones. I personal love children, and of course they love me back! So when I came across Crystal Swain-Bates section with all of her afro-centric, melanin loving books, Brown Girls Club, I damn near cried! Growing up, there weren’t many dolls or books that looked like me, shoot we were just happy to have a black Barbie! Walking into her booth and looking at all the books of beauty black children, I was touched. I envisioned myself reading to my little girl, showing her that she is special, just like the little girls in her books! I saw us celebrating her thick kinky hair. I pictured her telling me how happy and proud she was to be black and beautiful! Sigh… I digress! Please support movements like this y’all! I can not tell you how important it is to show your children how wonderful they are!

Alright… ya’ll still with me? Last one, I promise!

I can not close out this celebration of black businesses with out showing love to my brothers over at Respected Roots! My first impression was black power and royalty. Mom and I met the one of the owners and creator of this luxurious line of body butters and beard creams. He was a lovely man: tall, dark, handsome, and full of charisma… seriously every woman’s chocolate dream! Beside being friendly, he was very passionate about his product! We tried the body butter and my coco brown skin never looked so nourished! Oh and the beard cream smelled so good… coming from someone who has a horrible sense of smell! I wished for that moment that I had a man so I could buy it for him and lay on his chest all day! LOL needless to say, we went home with the body butter and 2 tins of the beard cream! I love to see men passionate about their dream! I give my stamp of approval on Respected Roots! These men are doing it big!

Ok, Ok, Ok, enough of all the product endorsements! I just had to share and promote my family out here chasing their dreams! It takes so much courage to leave the rat race and dare to do more! So if you are going to spend money, give it to the little guys, support the dreamer’s movement!


Psss… If you want to check out their pages… just click on their name!

One thought on “Black Business Love!

  1. Absolutely lovveee this read!! So vivid and vicariously written, especially the part about LiveArtStudios. I loved reading that part most. It warmed my heart, truly heart felt. I want to thank you for the coming thru having such a lovely experience with LiveArtStudios 🙂
    Of course this is, as you put it brother Mindosa lol ;). I really appreciate the love
    Peace, protection & prosperity sister or simple put MAD LUV to you and mother


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