Cue the Video Montage…


Over my Ex… Check.

Financially stable… Check.

Building my brand and audience… Check.

Start planning my vacations… Check.

Stop taking L’s… Check.

So what’s next???? A Trip to Disney World???

Sadly No! That is unless on of my amazing readers wants to gift me one!

Next we are going to take a journey down the fitness trail again! Other than having my husband find me, I have no other goals to smash this year!

So let’s cue the Rocky music!

I have been overweight my entire life… well most of my life! I was the cutest little chubby baby, a skin and bones little kid, then it happened… dun dun dun… as my Mom likes to tell everyone, “She up to New York for the summer and came back 2 sizes bigger!” Yep I hit a growth spurt, and found out how amazing the food my Grandmother made. If you had the chance to ever taste Lillian Lee’s cooking, you too would develop an addiction! Anyway fast forward about 24 years later, I’m 29 and the heaviest I have ever been.

Please do not misunderstand me, I love me! Every single inch of me! And as much as I hate the phrase… I am pretty for a big girl! I was blessed with an athletic tone to my body, so I do not look like I weight as much as I do. For this I am grateful, but I want more.

The desire for more is my why. I have tried time and time again to lose this weight! I had been dedicated and dropped some, but never all of it. Well I figured why not now! I want to be able to feel good inside of my body. I am in great health, and I want to stay that way. I want to have children and not have complication. Honestly I want to attract a different type of man… Let me be very clear, I don’t mean that all guys that like me have a fetish or anything like that. I am talking about a life partner who takes care of their health and is actively being adventurous. I have the desire to see the world, and I know I can not enjoy it fully at my size. I have learned to love myself no matter what the outside looks like, but I do want to my outside to be useful to me. I only get one life for now, so I want to make it a good one.

So hears the run down, because you all are now my accountability buddies! YAY! Go You!!! Woot Woot!

Each month goal is

  1.  Drop at least 8lbs.
  2. Prep and Plan my meals, having each meal consist of mostly protein and vegetables.
  3. Limit my cheat meal to twice a week.
  4. Get in at least 20 minutes of some form of exercise a day.
  5. Provide a progress pic.

Sounds simple right!?! LOL yea we’ll see! We have to get this done because I already have my birthday dress and swimsuit to wear for my 30th celebration in Hawaii!

Aye! I’m trying to be tropical sexy on my big 30!

I will keep you all updated on my progress and share as always! Oh and of course if anyone wants to join me… hit me up!


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