Level Check-Point

It’s check-in time!

I am on Day 15 in the 30 Day Total Body Workout Challenge, and I must say… I’m crushing it!!!!


Let me celebrate myself for a moment because this has not happened like 2 years!!!

So I am about 5lbs down, I feel great, my clothes are looser and actually fit! I feel this change in the air… hence the change in hair!!!


I CUT IT! Yep… New Hair, New Me!

It feels wonderful to get back to taking care of me again. I glow, I shine, I’m happy!

I had a co-worker last week welcome me back. I was confused at first because I hadn’t left or gone anywhere. She insisted that she is now seeing the young lady that she met 3 years ago. She said that it seems like there is a weight lifted off of me, and that sunshine that she saw in me was back!

She might be right! I feel brighter!

So let us celebrate all the people who had come back from the dead! All those who have shaken off the sadness and are shining so brightly now!

*Cue Shining by Queen Bey as I sexy walk away*


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