Slow Motion is Better than No Motion!

Ok update time! It’s a quickie, I promise!

Sooooo I smashed week 1 and 2… stumbled on week 3, and with life getting exponentially busier with end of the school year awards and Granddad leaving, week 4 is looking bleak!

But it’s ok though! I am determined to finish even if that means extending my challenge.

So I am back pedaling and starting week 3 all over again! I see the difference in my body and my wallet when I live this healthier lifestyle. I feel better and less weighted down.

So bare with me you guys! Slow motion better than no motion!

But here is a photo before and after for you guys to see that I haven’t totally sucked it up!

Oh and as far as spending $30 a week on groceries… yea nah! I tried it and it did not work for me, all the healthy food I like cost me more than $30, and the stuff that I did buy with my budgeted money, I didn’t eat because I choose cost over taste. So yea… nah!

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