Aye Yo… Forget Him!!!

Alright… I’m sick and tired of us women being sick and tired!

Yo seriously! Yeah he did you wrong! Yeah he hurt your feelings! Yeah he lied! Yeah he cheated!

Well you know what Beautiful…. Yo forget him!

Seriously! After my last break up I took the time to heal, I made a conscious effort to see the mistakes made and to move on. It’s not easy, but I accepted the fact that I loved him. I accepted the fact that he was nothing but I dirty liar, who I should have seen through, but didn’t. I messed up and got this bum a nice ass Camaro that I am now responsible for. I let him all the way in and all he did was take advantage of my love.

It happened… shit happens… but I REFUSE to let this dude win. He will not have the satisfaction of thinking that I feel like nothing without him. He won’t have me over here thinking that I am not worthy of real love. He will not make me think that the little bit that he did for me was all that I deserve. If anything this entire episode has shown me that I am fucking amazing. Think about it… all the amazing things that you did for someone who didn’t love you correctly will come 10 fold for the man who steps in and does right by you.

So can we decide to quit all this crying about what the last man or men did? Can we be strong and bold again? It really hurts my feelings to see such wonderful women in my life feel ugly because a bastard made her feel that way.

Ladies we are God’s gift to man… literally! We should carry ourselves as such! Any man who has been blessed enough to be in your company, should act as such. They may want to call you stuck up, and my personal favorite, boogie… well hell let them… only little boys go around name calling anyway! I fall asleep soundly every night knowing that I no longer have a man in my life who wasn’t worthy of having me!

So this one is for all my ladies feeling some type of way… Boo Boo, umm ma’am, cut that shit out and smile like the Queen you are!


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