Crazy Level 10!

Have you ever been texting a new guy and all of a sudden he just stops? Am I the only one who seriously spirals into this crazy no-mans land of conspiracies on what happened?

“Maybe I said something to offend him?” “Did I come on too strong?” “He must not  like me like he says!” “Maybe he’s talking to another girl!” “Yo, what if he actually has a girlfriend?” ” OMG, what if he’s hurt and I will never know!” “What if he is lying in the middle of his kitchen in a pool of blood!!!” “Nah… he’s just ghosting on me… that bastard!” 

Come on! I know I am not the only one! I get so worked up that I figure he doesn’t like me, and I talk myself out of liking him. Insane right! LOL I can not tell you how many times I have curved a guy because of this! “You made me do the crazies, and I am mad that I went there, so nope! I can’t do all of this!”

The sad part is I can not help myself! If I really like a guy, I mean genuinely like him, I swear my self-torture level is to the max!

Of course I talk to my guy friends and this where I get the big eyes, the pats on the head, the head shakes, and donkey punch gets thrown around. They can not believe that I go into such a pit of disappear over one unanswered text, never mind that he texted me in the morning, we talked last night and all day yesterday.

The most insane part is that this all goes away the moment he gets in contact with me again. I magically float right back up to the clouds all giddy about my new-found love!

I know it comes from a place of insecurity, but honestly who wouldn’t feel like this dating in this day and age! People don’t end things, they just disappear. There are more dating apps than any one person needs, I personally am on 3! Oh! Don’t get me started on this whole “Let’s chill” thing! I have been out of the game for 2 years, and jumping back in is like riding a bike for the first time again… It feels really good to prove that you can still do it, but you are definitely going to be sore tomorrow!

So moral of the story… If you are lucky enough to have my interest, you better damn well appreciate it, because I have to climb all sorts of crazy hurdles just to seem sane!


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