{It Starts with a Thought}

On you journey in life, you will find that everything happens for a reason.

I know that sounds so ridiculously cliché… something an inspirational poster would read.

But its’ true! Crazy how everyday wisdom is readily available, yet most of us are too busy living our lives that we miss it.

Everything that has ever happened to you is because you thought your self there. Me too.

In the beginning of 2017, I told myself I wasn’t going to hurt anymore, I was going to bounce back. Here we are about half through the year and my life has taken a complete 360.

I have job security again, and I am actually in a much better place with this job. I make the same money that I use to earn in 5 days, in 3 days! Allowing me 4 days out of my week to explore new business ventures, as well as spend time with my loved ones.

I know I have gotten some feed back about talking too much about my ex, but I had to vent, I had to get it out. I was told that I was giving him too much power over me by continuing to talk about what happened.

Here’s the thing, for extroverted people like myself, you have to let out! No matter how much it hurts, it eats away at your soul unless you purge it from your system! I apologize if you all were becoming annoyed with my writing.  I get it, no one wants to hear some girl basically go through an emotional rollercoaster and whine about it.

But I promised you all, my readers, real and raw content. Well this is what it looks like. I know that most of us have lost a love that we thought would last, and how long did that mourning period last? I know people to this day who are 2 years deep into the emotions I went through in months. So in order for my writing to be true to me and authentic, sometimes we are going to venture down emotional paths.

Luckily for me though, I know the power of thought. I refused to let that be my narrative. I have healed, and I have moved on. I am currently meeting guys, going on dates, enjoying myself, and having some fun!

LOL you guys know that the men in Atlanta love them some juicy women, so that snapback game is real!

Seriously though, everything comes back to your thoughts. You are where you are because of the thoughts you had.

I always prevail and over come because I do my best to focus all of my energy to what is good and positive. The simple law of attraction… stay with me!

When we have good and positive thoughts, we send those waves out into our universe, your everyday life. You body language conveys what your thinking, your attitude will adjust accordingly, and tone of your voice will also follow suit.

Ever run into someone who looks and feels like they are having a bad day? Are happy, sunning people around them! Yeah no! 9 out of 10 times that person is either alone, or with someone else who also looks miserable.

I choice to be happy, so I smile a whole lot! I do my very best to be kind and loving to everyone… I clearly fail on the regularly… but I still try. I wake up every morning thankful to have another and I carry this thankful spirit with me throughout my day!

Oh course I am human so I have mood swings, Pitty Parties, and Debbie Downer moments… trust the shade and pettiness gets real! 

For the most part though, I am happy and blessed!

So do yourself a favor, if things just seem to continue to be bad on top of bad, with sprinkles of shittiness, try changing your thought pattern. Try not to focus on the crap in front of you, and look to your brighter, happier days. You’ll be surprised how things will start to turn around for you!

If I can bounce back in 2017, baby so can you!


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