{My Duty}

I am sitting at our dinning room table having a heartfelt discussion with Tony about the state of the “Negro”. He makes a comment about how he feels bad because we shouldn’t have to care whether or not the person who is killed is black or white. I agreed with him , but offered my take on the situation.

“Anyone dying by the hands of a police officer is wrong, and I do not condone it by no mean. What happened to that white lady is sad, but I can not bring myself to mourn for her, when my brothers and sisters are killed daily and no one bats an eye. They talk about it for a week or two, and just move on. The families have relive the deaths over and over again between the media coverage and the court hearing, pleading for justice, and their cries go unheard. So yes, it’s sad that someone has lost their life, but I can not begin to worry about some else’s lost, when my heart is still hurting from the loss of my family.”

I am trying to hold my composure and keep our conversation moving. I feel the pain, the hurt, and tears a begging to be released. My soul feels ripped and bleeding, broken from the public and silent death of those who look like me, my bother, my dad, my friends.

At this moment, I felt it. The sense of duty and responsibility for my people. Not just the well off black, or the “woke”, or the niggas, I mean all of them! Every single person whose ancestors where mine. Every man, woman, and child is my responsibility, because we are family. Not because the kinship in Christ, but because deep down, we are all Africans.

Our mothers birth the world! Our people developed written language, math, science, art. We cultivated the land. We are the Adam and Eve, the people God crafted from his own image.  It was us!

It hurts because not enough of us know this! If we understood where we came from we wouldn’t settle to buy into the European society. Like every other ethnic group in this country, we could have a sense of self and the collective. Not just a sense of MYSELF. We would care about the next black man, we wouldn’t be so divided among ourselves, constantly fighting and pulling down each other. We would collectively pool our resources for the betterment of our people, instead of criticizing the few Colin Keapernick that are taking a stand for us.

I have so much respect for what Colin is doing. He is looking outside of himself and sacrificing everything he has worked hard for the betterment of HIS people, even though some tell him to cut his hair and fall back in line! They hate him because he realizes that he has a great calling and he walks unapologetically in it. He stance makes everyone remember that this nation in its current state, is not for us, ruffling their feathers, and those of us who have bought into their system.

I too have that calling, I feel it in the blood that rushes through my body! It’s like a burning in my soul that gets hotter and more intense as I age.

There has to be a better way! We have to come together and fix what has been broken. We need an awakening of the Africans that lie dormant underneath the layers of superficial materialism. We need to stop selling out to fit the narrative that they want us to have. We need to educate our children, we need to raise our children! We need to rebuild our communities, our worship centers, our economic standing. We need to be self-sustaining, and not wait on someone else to fix it for us.

You and I have an obligation to each other. We are family, like it or not, and we are to elevate each other. I will devote my life to passing on all the knowledge that I am collecting. Even if I can change the lives of just a few, that few can help a few more, and before you know it, the state of the “Negro” will look completely different.

So what do you plan on doing to better our people?


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