{Adventures in Online Dating}

The other morning I gleefully went to visit my parents, my superhero Dad was going to help me wash my car!

I happily show up at 9am as I was instructed, greeted my dogs, Dad, and then Mom.

As our usual, Mom works on her computer, and I started rambling about the latest happening in my life.

This week I went on a date with a lovely gentleman, and I couldn’t wait to tell Mom about this wonder time I had!

Then it happened… my Mom who is getting older as moms tend to do, just crushed all my excitement, with one single question!

“Oh, where did you meet him?” Online… “Oh, well don’t you think that you should try to meet guys THE RIGHT WAY?”

Do you see that? I know I am not crazy and saw the judgement all in that question! THE RIGHT WAY!

I immediately left because I felt myself getting up set. When did my Mom get so judgmental? I know she means well, but gosh!

We talked it over once I calmed down for a moment, she apologized, but this conversation has stayed on my mind. I wonder how many people feel like that? How many people are alone and wanting to meet someone, but refuse to go out, and are definitely not doing online dating.

Well if you are one of these people, can I just say… GO FOR IT! Why be lonely when you don’t have to!?

My last post I talked about taking risk, and in the dating sphere, that same rule applies. Be safe of course, never put yourself in a compromising position, but what is the harm in getting to know someone before you meet them? They are all strangers until you get to know them!

Seriously? Is it such a bad thing to have a conversation or two to judge whether or not you have great chemistry before the awkward first date. You already have an idea of what type of person they are, and you have something to talk about when you meet them.

I do understand the hesitation, we all have heard the crazy date-gone-bad stories of the dangers of online dating, but I honestly feel like that can happen with the guy you met at the store. To me there is very little difference in organic relationships and ones that started online. I have met some amazing men online, and dated quite a few of them. LOL as I type, I have a wonderful man outside my house cleaning up my yard just because he wants to do something nice for me. I would have never met him unless I took a chance and tried a new dating site.

So moral of the story… To each his own, but don’t be such a stick in the mud, there is more than one way to meet your mate! If you are lonely, why not connect with others who are looking to connect with you!

Happy Dating!



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