I love the way you move. Effortless and commanding.

I love the way you speak. Never a harsh word, but dominate, and yet… gentle when it comes to me.

I love the way you look at me. I see the love in those eyes. A look that thanks Our Heavenly Father for blessing you by find me.

I love the way you touch me. Always gentle and strong. You will shield me from all harm, holding me until my brokenness is whole again.

This is what I think of when people ask me about my love life.

He is who I am searching for.

I long for a provider and protector. A man in the sea of little boys playing games. A partner who will build with me. A mate who will stand by me, no matter what the challenge.

I look at your chocolate, sun-kissed hands and see the years of hard work imbedded in every line. 

I crease your head as I lay on your chest, silently listening to your heart beat. A heart that I know belongs to me.

With every kiss, I know that I am here… exactly where I am supposed to. Home in our embrace, one with the soul that sot me out!

I pray to God that this love finds me! I imagine spending my days with that one heart that is purely mine!

If you are fortunate to find someone who makes you feel like this, hold on to them! If you haven't been found yet, remember that everyday brings new adventures, today just might be the day!



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