{Racism… Yea We Know}

Alright, so by now (unless you have been living under a rock) you have seen the footage of the clash between the White Nationalist folks… a.k.a. Nazi… and the regular non fucked up people over the renaming and remodeling of a park in Charlottesville, VA.

BTW… the hell???? I cannot understand why they choose the swastika as their symbol. I am sure there is a deeper meaning,  which I honestly give zero about, but it just seems like they could use some better branding, because yea Nazi… everyone can agree that shit is just not cool!

Anyway, as a recap from what I understand what happened. Yet again the white folks are still salty over losing the Civil War, which seriously let it go! They decided to gather with some tiki torches from Wally World, and march to the statue of Robert. E. Lee, spewing their same tired rhetoric of how “the poor white man is being knocked off of his God-given right to be a dick to everyone else.” Again nothing new here! I believe it was the next day that they get into a full on street brawl with the opposing protestors, which left quite a few wounded and one casualty. And now everyone is just shocked!

This story has been flooding my timeline. There has been attempts to find out who these white folks are and expose them. Many are commenting on the fact that 45, that shit-show, refuses to come out and say that these was acts of terrorism, because you know… those are his boys. They put him in office and this is the “great” America that they were hoping for.

So can I just be real for a minute. At what point are we going to stop being shocked about racism? I mean seriously? From last summer to now, if you haven’t finally opened your eyes and seen the bull, you aren’t looking. I know most people want to live there lives in this little bubble that they have created for themselves, push out the bad thoughts, but Brad and Becky… it’s time darling! There is not denying or escaping the fact that Americans have a disease.

Racism has been around since your ancestors decided to “discover” the rest of the world. It has been a tool used to control various groups of people, and divide all. We as Americans have never been able to come together and drop that honestly… stupid… way of thinking. It’s always been us versus them. So can we finally drop the surprise and call a spade a spade?

I am personally sick and tired of all the outrage over these types of acts. This is what America looks like. Its been this way LONG before 45 was voted into office. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have been living and enduring in spite all this going on. We have fought for what we have known, and will continue to fight to make things better for our children. This is the reality of every person of color, “woke” or not.

I propose that instead of all this amazement, we do something about it. I don’t know all the answers, but I have ideas, and if we can come together to think some of this tomfoolery through, maybe we can make some real progress. At some point you have to decide that you are going to put some action behind all this talk, but until you do… it’s just words.

Until then can we quit being surprised at the ugliness of our nation. Can we quit trying to act like this any of this is new! This is what “Make America Great Again” meant. We all heard, you all just weren’t listening!

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