So I haven’t written anything in about a week. I am striving to be more consistent with my work, but I needed to take this past week to just decompress. But looks like it’s time for me to get on my soapbox yet again.

Am I the only one who just gets so tired of stupidity….

Not ignorance, because you can’t help the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. I mean you know better, and yet you refuse to do better.

Well this is basically the way I have been feeling towards a number thing, especially all that is going on with this racial divide that we still have going on.

My timeline has been full of people of walks of life arguing about just dumb shit.

Collin Kaepernick, Nazis, those freaking statues, and Trump! Ugh it’s so very exhausting!

My prayer and wish is that we as a nation can just grow up, stop being dicks to each other, and do the right thing. I mean is it really so hard to be a decent person who does not wish harm or ill intent to another!?! UGH

LOL I think I might need another week!

So if you are just not getting it…

Black Lives Matter are NOT TERRORIST! They just want equality and for the unfair treatment for Black people to stop! Being Pro-Black does not mean you hate other groups of people, nor that Black people are better than any other group. I personally align myself with being Pro-Black. My desire is to see my brothers and sisters have the opportunity to live happy productive lives as equal citizens. We should not have to be fearful every time we interact with the police. Our children should receive the same level of education. We all should be treated the same. I also advocate for the enrichment of the Black community. I want to help strengthen our bonds and economic status.

Nazi are BAD..Mmmkay! White nationalist, confederate flags, KKK, any of those groups are not ok to associate with if you want to be a good person! They hate all other people of color, and have this illusion that White people are losing some sort of “power” because we as a country are learning to be tolerant of those who don’t look like us. It’s one thing if you are being oppressed and want to stop your oppressor, but they are asking for the oppressor to be even more malevolent.

Collin Keapernick has nothing wrong. I you feel offended that he is peacefully demonstrating against police brutality toward Black people, you might want to rethink your position and morals. It does not seem unreasonable nor un-American to use your freedom of speech to help bring awareness to an issues that has been plaguing the Black community forever. I know it is your beloved football, but if this is the only way to make you realize that there is something going on, so be it.

Confederate statues and monuments are just bad branding at this point. The confederates were traitors. They fought a war and loss. End Of The Story! Yet, they statues and monuments are all over! Well if we are to move forward as a nation, it might not be a good look at have physical reminders of  our failures. Plus honestly that slogan “It’s heritage, not hate” is complete bullshit, I am sorry to tell you. You don’t see Germany with statues of Hitler anywhere now do you? Common folks, let’s be smart!

Of course everyone is titled to their opinion, but honestly if you agree with a group whose intent is not to help, but to bring hatred out, you really might want to take a self check of your asshole levels. Let’s put all this energy that we have into coming together and fixing our problems!

Hopefully I will not have to get up on this soapbox again… well not anytime soon…

If you put love and goodness out into the universe, you will get the same thing back! If everyone tries to do that, things might just get better! So let’s not be dicks to each other!

Just a thought!


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