{So there is this guy…}

You guys!!!

I am so sorry for my absence! Y’all know how I feel about staying consistent, it is truly one of my biggest short comings. I only write when I have something to say, and I never want to give you all fluff pieces, but I do strive to provide more consistent content.

Any how… where have I been lately?

Child with a MAN! Not some little boy giving me empty promises, but a man with follow-throw!

I am just over here swooning! Heart-eye emojis and everything!

The thing about this go round, this doesn’t feel like just another fling or relationship doomed to fail from the start. He feels like my partner in crime. I have never dated someone who full heartily wants to see me win!

I am learning that there is a huge difference between a relationship and partnership.

A relationship is where two (or more if you’re into that, I don’t judge) people who like or love each other. You enjoy spending time with that person. You feel close to them. Y’all talk all the time. You have sleep-overs. You go on dates. You have goals and that person cheers you on, but doesn’t take an active role in what you have going on. Things are great, but there feels like you guys could be “more”.

That “more” is a partnership. It feels like being in a relationship, but with goals and big dreams. I am sure it’s because I am growing into this wealth focused person that I need someone else looking to head into that direction with me. I need a man who wants to work, who wants to build with me, who understands what this lifestyle entails; a focused mind willing to communicate and sacrifice with me to get to this shared goal. I equate to have going on vacation with your best friend. You can go alone and still have a great time. Or you could bring along your best friend, have some adventures and mishaps, and have an even better time because you get to share this time with someone you love!

This love story is new to me and is bringing its own unique set of challenges and rewards, but I am grateful for every single moment of it!


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