{Back off of Hiatus, Hi/Bye hatas!}

Like my little play on words? LOL, it just makes me chuckle!

Anyway, Hi you all!

I have been in a great mood as of lately! I mean like walking on cloud 9! I feel beautiful, strong, and powerful!

Why do you ask? Well that wonderful man of mine has definitely help, but I am finding true joy in working towards my goals.

I have a very ambitious dream to never work again! Yep, my dream is hit the millionaire tax bracket by investing wisely and educating my people. I want to spend my days helping others and raising my future babies… Zeke and Sunshine!

LOL Yes! I already named my future babies… Don’t judge me! A girl can only dream! Ezekiel Thomas and Monet Sunshine… Zeke and Sunshine!

So how do you ask, how will I hit that 1.5 million goal? Well I have been learning everything I can about real estate investing, stocks, wealth management, and cash flow.

I started down the journey about 3 months ago, changing the way I view the world and understanding how our capitalist system works. I woke up thinking about all 3 of the jobs that I currently have, like “Man.. there has to be a better way to do this! I have so much debt, and I work so hard to have the little bit of freedom that I have, but it seems to be getting me no where!”

So I sot out the solution to my problems. There is a better way, I can move into a place of prosperity, and the information is out here… for FREE! You don’t have to spend any money, just time and a burning desire to be more.

With a some research and many prayers, I am so beyond excited to announce my first business venture… Invest With Finess! I have gather so much information about how the flow of money works that I am now ready to share it with my people. I host bi-monthly game nights allowing like-minded individuals to come together, network and build a community.

I personally am interested in helping people with pieces of properties that they do not want nor know what to do with. I want to bring creative solutions to their problems. While doing this I want to fulfill my duty to my people. I said it in my post {My Duty}, I feel like I am supposed to share the wealth of knowledge that I have gained, even if its teaching from my mistakes. I am here to help others get one step closer to their greatness.

The beauty of my game night is that is for everybody. All those who want to do more with their lives, who aspire to live within their purpose. No matter where you are in your walk, you can meet someone else who is starting out too, or someone who has been through the struggle and made it out on the other side. I envision to make this Game Night a stable in my community. I want to reach everyone, young or old. To rebuild we first have to know what we are doing.

So if you are in the Atlanta area and would like to join… RSVP.

My final thoughts as I boldly take steps to realizing my destiny… I hope to see you on the top of the mountain!


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