{So it Begins…}

It’s 15 minutes to midnight. I just finished another round, on another Saturday spent at work. This week is finally winding down. And boy has it been one hell of a busy week!

This past Thursday night I hosted my very first CashFlow 101 Game Night!

Y’all I was so proud of all the thought, energy, and money that I put into this.  I found and booked a room, purchase games and food, created packets and marketed every chance I got. I spend over a month taking this brain child of mine, from just a passing thought to birth! Proudly like a mother, I just knew I had something great here! I dropped everything, in hopes of doing something wonderful!

All that was missing… the people! Hungry minds looking to better themselves. Kindred spirits that also felt the call of greatness. My peers who wanted more than what this lame ass adult life has offered so far.

And no know what… They didn’t show up! 1… LOL… 1 extraordinary young man came to see what I had to offer. The funny thing is that he already knew all my secrets I wanted to share. He was my prototype. Months of weekends spent with me, and this young man was already thinking differently and approaching “adulting” with far better precision that I could have hoped for at 21.

I will admit that I was a little disappointed that my marketing didn’t work. All my hard work and effort, for nothing! Well not nothing. I failed, but I don’t feel like a failure! Much of the last year of my life I have felt like a failure. Failed relationship, failed finances, failed career advancement…failure.

Now it’s different. Maybe I am numb to the feeling, or maybe I am just learning to roll with the punches. Yes this first time didn’t work out like I planned, but there is always next time. I bounced back from 2 years of sadness. I bounced back from being passed over at work by finding my calling. I learned how to be a real player in the financial world.

Hell I’m well on my way to being a bona fide Boss Babe! Yep, you read that right… MFing Boss! Don’t forget it!

This will be just a great story I will tell when people ask me how I made it, against all the set backs. I am learning, I am growing, and I am winning!

I made a difference in my young friend’s life, I know I can do it for some many others! I will change the world! Even if I have to do it one person at a time, one failed attempted after another. Eventually I will cause a shift!

My vision is focused. My hustle is ready! So let it begin, because this is just the beginning!


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