There are 3 things that every woman possess: Strength, Pearls, and Finesse. Being of the “fairer” sex, we woman have the God given ability to withstand an enormous amount of pain and still remain standing, strong like the goddesses we are. Pearls: I believe that every woman has an invisible string of pearls around her neck. The pearls remind us that we are ladies, worth of dignity and respect. And Finesse… well every woman has that one thing that she does o’ so well… that one “Je ne sais quoi” that puts her mark on the world.

In this blog I will discuss all the things that are on my mind!

I am a Black Southern Bell raised by true New Yorkers! Needless to say, I am an entire bag of crazy fun! I am educated and ratchet, boogie and simple, witty and ditsy, classy and crude, open-minded and petty… just a pretty ball of contradiction… with great hair! I promise I will be real, unfiltered, and honestly, opinionated!

I hope you are entertained, but more importantly, I hope I can give you something to think about. To quote a good friend of mine, “It’s lonely up here”…so join me! I promise you’ll love this party!